Waxing or Laser Hair Removal; Which Is Better?

Did you know that your body can produce millions of hair follicles on your skin? And that as you get older, hair growth on certain areas of the body can grow even more pervasively and affect your self-confidence? At Kraig Jenson, PC, Dermatology Center, we have been helping patients remove unwanted body hair for many years.

Our skilled dermatologists, Dr. Kraig Jenson and Dr. Byron Edwards not only take excellent care of you during your treatment in our office, but we help you take good care of your skin even after you leave. For unwanted body hair, our medical spa offers cosmetic solutions like laser hair removal and waxing, depending on your needs.

-Laser Hair Removal

When you come in for an initial consultation, we will take a look at your history and health to help asses what you want to have done. If laser hair removal is a good choice for your needs, we’ll use a highly concentrated beam of light to penetrate unwanted hair follicles that discourages future growth. This non-invasive procedure uses intense heat to target the hair follicle and can be used on most parts of your body where unwanted hair is growing with only a brief bit of mild discomfort. It typically takes a few treatments to stimulate significant hair removal and slow down hair growth in the area because hair grows in cycles. Since it doesn’t permanently remove hair you’ll want to come in for several maintenance treatments to keep the unwanted hair at bay.


Waxing is another way we can get rid of your unwanted body hair, whether it is on your back, chest, or shoulders. Waxing is especially useful for the underarm and bikini line areas because the hair that grows there is often coarser and thicker than in other areas of the body. Unlike shaving which cuts the hair at the dermis layer of the skin so that the follicle will grow new hair in less than a day, waxing with a dermatological wax goes much deeper. When we wax, warm wax is placed over the skin and a thick paper or cloth is placed on the wax. Then, as the wax cools, it becomes firm so when the wax is peeled away in the opposite direction of the hair growth, large amounts of hair are pulled out of the follicle. This makes it take longer for the hair to regrow since it has to grow back up to the skin’s surface before it becomes visible again.

With spring and warmer temperatures around the corner, you might be wanting to wear more skin revealing clothes. If you live in the Orem, Utah area and want to get rid of unwanted body hair a waxing or laser hair removal treatment might be perfect for you. To schedule a consultation with our doctors at the Dermatology Center, call 801-224-5200 today!

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