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Correct Unsightly Problems With Your Skin With the Help of Our Laser Treatments!

Lasers for dermatology have been around a long time! In this modern age, they are also the focus of our dermatology treatments. Thanks to advancing technology, lasers can be used for virtually any kind of dermatological treatment. They are focused points of high-intensity light that are controlled and targeted at specific problem areas using a wavelength based on the types of cells and tissues our dermatologists are working on.

Your skin abnormalities, whether on your face or somewhere else on your body can be removed with the help of laser treatment. This is the case whether the problem arises from sun exposure, skin disorders, heredity or simply from the aging process. Our dermatologists, Dr. Kraig K. Jenson, Byron Edwards and Dr. Devin Burr are skilled with our Fraxel® lasers in Orem, Utah.

Our Fraxel laser treatment does its work under the skin’s surface to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and unsightly age spots. By stimulating your skin’s natural collagen, the laser rejuvenates the skin cells under your skin’s surface. The laser can smooth those creases and pockets you might have that turned into wrinkles and scars. This laser can be tailored specifically to address your unique needs as our dermatologists address your problem areas safely and effectively with this laser treatment.

If you are looking for younger-looking skin treatments without turning to plastic surgery or other temporary measures, laser treatment can be the best way to go! Especially as recovery time is minimal. Please give our Dermatology Center team in Orem, Utah, a call today at 801-224-5200 to learn more and to schedule a consultation. It’s a new year and no better time to look your best!

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