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Spider Veins Can Be Professionally Treated

Spider veins can be caused by several different things. This could include a genetic predisposition, changes in body composition, pregnancy, and hormone changes. At the same time, certain career fields that call for prolonged sitting or standing could also lead to the gradual development of spider veins.

This causes small blood vessels on the legs, feet, calves, and thighs to appear on the skin. They typically appear in shades of red, blue, and purple. Spider veins that develop earlier in life can sometimes worsen with age.

Here at the Dermatology Center in Orem, Utah, our doctors Dr. Jenson and Dr. Edwards can administer sclerotherapy to help treat spider veins.

This treatment process involves injecting a specially formulated sclerosing solution into your legs. This will irritate the inside of the veins causing them to collapse and gradually fade with times. If you have multiple spider veins you will likely need multiple injections to affect all the necessary areas. Afterward, the area will be dressed with a compressive tape or wrap.

It’s relatively common for the treatment area to develop some minor post-treatment bruising. This will gradually fade over time.

If you live in the area around Layton, Utah, and you have been struggling with developing spider veins, you should call 801.224.5200 to schedule an appointment at the Dermatology Center.

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