Skin Care Tips for Winter

While the first snows of the year are usually welcomed with joy, they also bring with them some problems for people with sensitive skin. If you struggle with maintaining good skin in the winter, then the tips assembled by our team here at Dermatology Center in Orem, Utah, will help you have a better winter this year.

Cleaning your hands

Washing your hands during winter with the traditional soap and water isn’t ideal. This is because the process of wetting and drying your hands sucks more moisture out of the already dry skin. This is why we recommend you use soap-free cleansers or alcohol-free hand sanitizers. These products don’t require drying, and then we also recommend applying lotion immediately after cleaning your hands.

Fix dry patches

If you have dry skin on your elbows or knees normally, then winter only makes that dry skin worse. A great way to fix those dry patches and avoid any pain caused from cracking or bleeding is to use a mixture of honey and sugar. A few different studies have shown that applying a honey-sugar mixture topically reduces inflammation in your skin.

If you’re worried that your skin conditions are more serious, or you need more tips and help to get your skin ready for winter, call us today at 801-224-5200 to schedule an appointment.

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