Say No to Winter Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most overlooked cancers in the world, simply because people rarely make the connection between spending too much time outdoors and the impact that can have on one’s skin.

It’s also usually forgotten that your skin is still at a large risk for cancer even during the winter. If you spend any significant time outdoors in the winter (skiing, snowboarding, etc.,) then you should follow these simple tips to help you say no to winter skin cancer.

Always use sunblock

Yes, even in the dead of winter you’ll need sunblock. If you’re out on a sunny day enjoying the snow, the reflection from the snow up onto your face can easily give you a sunburn. Too many of these types of sunburns and soon enough you’ll be dealing with more skin cancer risks than you want to think about. Always make sure you apply sunscreen before any outdoors activities in the winter.

Keep your skin clean

Another aspect to having healthy skin that’s not at risk for skin cancer is ensuring that your skin is healthy. This means ridding it of excess oils and dirt that can cause acne. Washing your face daily with gentle solutions can do wonders to help keep your skin healthy and fight against any potential skin cancer.

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