MicroZone® Skin Treatments Can Make Your Skin Look Better Immediately

At the Kraig Jenson, PC, Dermatology Center, our skilled dermatologists have been helping folks in the Orem, Utah, area with their skin health for years. Our specialists, Dr. Kraig Jenson and Dr. Byron Edwards, are here to help you overcome your dermal issues so that you can look and feel good about your skin, thanks to our medical spa treatments, like MicroZone® skin targeting Treatments.

When you come in for a MicroZone treatment, plan on spending 20 minutes to have your skin treated for results you can see right away. You might also still be undergoing regular treatments in those problem areas, but with MicroZone your skin issues are addressed in the time in-between when you don’t have time to spend on a full dermatology treatment. So if you have some time to come in during your lunch hour, this treatment is perfect for you! It is also good for those folks who don’t have a lot of extra funds to spend on skincare right now, including new clients who are still in their teen years.

Okay, so what can you expect when you come in for a MicroZone treatment? First, Drs. Jenson and Edwards will analyze your skin so that we can address specific areas, like using the Dermalogica Double Cleanse routine which cleans the skin twice to make sure any and all dirt, pollutants and sebum are removed. Right away you’ll be able to see results and your treated skin will look and feel noticeably better.

MicroZone can target and improve the following areas:

-Repair aging skin
-Moisturize and rehydrate skin
-Condition dry lips
-Lessen eye puffiness and under eye circles
-Hydrate chapped, dry hands
-Clear up blackheads
-Soothe red skin and breakouts
-Tone and smooth oily skin

If you would like more information on how your skin can improve with the help of a targeted MicroZone treatment, we welcome you to give our dedicated team a call today at 801.224.5200. We are happy to schedule your appointment with one of our experienced dermatologists, and help you maintain healthier-looking skin!

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