MicroZone® Can Quickly Address Minor Trouble Spots

Many people living in the Orem, Utah, area with skin health issues and dermal defects will turn to the professional services offered by the Dermatology Center. The specific nature of the dermal imperfection will typically influence the treatment plan our dermatologist puts forth.

In many of these cases microdermabrasion, a chemical peel or a facial can be used to boost your skin’s natural exfoliation process, while also improving overall tone and appearance. In many of these cases the patient needs multiple treatments to achieve the long-term desired result.

Some individuals will notice minor imperfections or changes in their skin in between their scheduled treatments. In some of these situations a MicroZone® treatment might be used to quickly address the trouble spot in just a few minutes.

This special type of flash treatment typically takes around 20-minutes and can be used to address acne breakouts, an area of dullness or the appearance of tired eyes as well as other minor issues that need a spot treatment.

MicroZone® employs the Dermalogica Double Cleanse technique to help your skin instantly look and feel healthier. It can also help rehydrate an area of dry skin that feels irritated.

If you live in the area surrounding Orem, Utah, and you have noticed a trouble spot developing in between one of your scheduled dermatology treatments, you should call 801.224.5200 to schedule a MicroZone® treatment at the Dermatology Center.

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