For Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Check for Abnormal Skin Growth...

For Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Check for Abnormal Skin Growth and Come in to Have It Evaluated for Best Treatment

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and we want to highlight the dangers of skin cancer development. Marked by an abnormal growth of skin cells, you can be at risk for three kinds of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. 

Early Detection
Melanoma has a cure rate of virtually 100% when caught early on! You can help lower your risk of skin cancer by protecting yourself from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation like sunlight. Early detection offers you the best odds for successfully treating skin cancer. Our skilled dermatologists, Dr. Kraig K. Jenson, Byron Edwards or Dr. Devin Burr can check your skin and take a biopsy for testing to see if your abnormal growth is cancerous.

Surgical Treatment to Remove Skin Cancer
Treatment may involve surgery to remove the cancerous growth. For cancer that has already spread, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be recommended. Surgically removing melanoma can be done in one office visit. For melanoma that has spread, other measures may also be implemented including lymphadenectomy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

To spot abnormalities early, check your skin routinely. Look for moles that are asymmetrical, have an irregular border or shades of various colors like tan, brown, black, white, red or blue in them. Another warning sign is if the mole changes shape and size.

Mohs Surgery
Your skin cancer can be treated with Mohs surgery in Orem, Utah to remove cancerous tissues. Our dermatologist also makes sure that there is minimal damage to the surrounding healthy skin tissues. Mohs surgery allows our dermatologists to ensure that all cancerous cells have been excised.

If you notice any skin abnormalities, please call our Dermatology Center at 801-224-5200 to have it check out. Early detection is essential!

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