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Dermabrasion and Dermaplaning Can Reduce Your Acne Scars for a Smoother, More Appealing Appearance

If you are someone who is uncomfortable with your deep acne scars, our dermatologists, Dr. Kraig K. Jenson, Byron Edwards and Dr. Devin Burr are pleased to offer help! For our patients in the Orem, Utah area dealing with this often uncomfortable condition, we offer dermabrasion and dermaplaning solutions.

Removing Acne Scars

Treating deep acne scars with dermabrasion and dermaplaning levels your skin’s top layers by using a controlled surgical scraping process to help your facial skin look and feel better. The process smoothes scars and skin irregularities to give it a more level, even look. This treatment can be done on a small area or the entire face, depending on your needs, and can safely be repeated if needed. During the treatment, you will remain comfortable with the help of local anesthesia. 


-Dermabrasion: using a rough wire brush that has diamond particles in it, our dermatologist will scrape the outermost layer of your skin until the scar’s appearance levels out. 

-Dermaplaning: using an instrument that looks like an electric razor, our dermatologist will move the instrument back and forth over the area of skin being treated, for a smoothing effect on the scar.

Are you tired of seeing deep acne scars when you look in the mirror? You deserve the improved appearance of your skin that dermabrasion and dermaplaning can deliver. We invite you to call the Dermatology Center today at 801-224-5200 to schedule an appointment in Orem, Utah. Your skin deserves the best!

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