Our fingernails and toenails reflect our general state of health. Any changes in the nail, like discoloration or thickening, can signal health issues like liver and kidney disease, heart conditions, and diabetes. Nail problems manifest themselves in things like changes of color shape, and/or thickness, swelling of the skin around the nails, bleeding, and pain. If you develop any suspicious symptoms, Dr. Jenson and Dr. Edwards can provide nail treatment in Orem, Utah.

Nail issues usually increase with age and affect a high number of senior citizens. Fingernails should grow about 3.5 millimeters per month and toenails should grow about 1.6 millimeters per month. Your nail growth can be affected by disease, nutrition, medications, trauma, chronic illness, fever, and the aging process. Fungal infections are the cause of about half of all nail disorders. Fungal issues are most common in the toenails because the feet are confined in a warm, moist, weight-bearing environment. Some other nail issues include:

  • Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, can grow under the nail
  • White spots after a nail is injured
  • Splinter hemorrhages, which appear as vertical lines under the nail, that are caused by injury or certain drugs or diseases
  • Bacterial infections, which are often caused by injury, poor skin hygiene, nail biting, finger sucking, or frequent exposure to water
  • Ingrown toenails, which are caused by improper nail trimming, poor stance, digestive problems, or tight shoes

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