Treat Your Skin With the Care It Deserves This Winter

If you have been experiencing drier skin on your face, hands or feet this winter season, you aren’t alone. But if you find these areas of the skin flaking, cracking, or inflamed (eczema) you may need some help! Dry, itching and inflamed skin is a sign of atopic dermatitis, or eczema that goes in cycles,… Read more »

3 Dermatology Treatments to Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

The holidays are here and New Year’s is around the corner. There’s no time like the present to get take care of those skin conditions you might have been unhappy with. In fact, why not start the new year off right and head into 2019 looking better than ever? At Kraig Jensen, PC, Dermatology Center,… Read more »

Look Your Best This Holiday Season

With the holidays already in full swing, it’s a great time to look and feel your best for all those social get-togethers and festivities with friends, family, and colleagues. Our team has been helping patients of all ages care for their skin look their best for over 30 years now in the Orem, Utah areas…. Read more »

Three Ways to Overcome Hair Loss

If you are struggling with hair loss, you are not alone. This condition can impact your scalp as well as other areas of your body. Sometimes it is caused by heredity, hormones, medications, illness or disease. While it is more prevalent among men, anyone can experience hair loss. Depending on what is causing your hair… Read more »

Are Unsightly Spider Veins Making You Self-Conscious?

At Kraig Jenson, PC, Dermatology Center, our experienced dermatologists. Dr. Kraig Jenson and Dr. Byron Edwards have been successfully helping patients treat their unsightly spider veins. These small clusters of blue, red, or purple veins are found on the legs – typically on the thighs, calves, even on the ankles – and are caused by… Read more »

SkinCeuticals® Can Help You Maintain Healthy Skin

Many individuals living in the area surrounding Orem, Utah, will turn to Dr. Jenson and Dr. Edwards at the Dermatology Center to help address a variety of skin health and cosmetic issues. Maintaining or improving youthful healthy skin often encompasses three important factors: prevention, protection and correction. We are proud to offer a variety of… Read more »

Are You a Good Candidate for Microdermabrasion?

Are you looking for non-surgical ways to improve your skin? If you are wanting to improve a dull complexion, diminish age spots, blackheads, patches of dark skin, or just want to even out the texture of your skin and skin tone, then you may benefit from a gentle, painless skin renewal treatment known as microdermabrasion…. Read more »

Increase Your Self Confidence With the Help of BOTOX

As a non-surgical form of anti-aging cosmetic treatment, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles worldwide, for Americans, BOTOX has increasingly become a treatment of choice for both men and women since the FDA stamped their approval on it back in 2002. Since then other uses for it have developed, so it has a variety of applications,… Read more »

MicroZone® Can Quickly Address Minor Trouble Spots

Many people living in the Orem, Utah, area with skin health issues and dermal defects will turn to the professional services offered by the Dermatology Center. The specific nature of the dermal imperfection will typically influence the treatment plan our dermatologist puts forth. In many of these cases microdermabrasion, a chemical peel or a facial… Read more »

Moh’s Micrographic Surgery Can Help Treat Certain Types of Skin Cancer

Excess or unprotected sun exposure, as well as certain genetic factors, can affect your skin cells causing abnormalities. In some individuals these factors can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer. If you have noticed a change in an existing mole or any other dermal abnormality, it’s best to seek a professional diagnosis. Here… Read more »