Dermal Filler Injections Can Help Reduce the Appearance of Skin Aging

Changes in body composition and skin aging can occur as you grow older. This can cause fine lines, wrinkles and sallow facial features as well as bony looking hands. As time goes on these cosmetic imperfections can worsen causing you to look older than you like. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your… Read more »

Fungal Treatment of Cosmetic Dermal Defects

Human skin is a complex organ consisting of many different layers and structures. It also carries a diverse ecology of microbes. This includes yeast and other possible fungal spores. If dermal yeast microbes grow out of balance it can start to develop dermal defects known as tinea versicolor. This is a special type of skin… Read more »

Spider Veins Can Be Professionally Treated

Spider veins can be caused by several different things. This could include a genetic predisposition, changes in body composition, pregnancy, and hormone changes. At the same time, certain career fields that call for prolonged sitting or standing could also lead to the gradual development of spider veins. This causes small blood vessels on the legs,… Read more »

Microdermabrasion Treatment Can Help Reduce Your Chances of Suffering an Acne Breakout

Many people will turn to Kraig Jenson, PC, Dermatology Center’s cosmetic surgery clinic for a microdermabrasion treatment, to help bolster the skin’s natural exfoliation and reduce the early signs of skin aging. At the same time, microdermabrasion might also be used to help younger people reduce their chances of suffering an acne breakout. This is… Read more »

Waxing Can Is More Effective at Temporary Hair Removal Than Shaving

Unwanted hair can appear on many body parts. This might include the chest, back, shoulders, underarms, and bikini area. Many people embarrassed by the presence of excess hair in these areas will attempt shaving to remove or to sculpt the hair. Unfortunately, shaving only cleaves the hair at the level of the dermis. The follicle… Read more »

Hair Loss Can Be Addressed in Different Ways

Losing your hair gradually or in a short amount of time can certainly be emotionally distressing. It can also have an increasingly negative effect on your self-image and your general sense of self-esteem. It’s worth noting that androgenetic alopecia is often related to genetic and hormonal factors as a man ages. Stress-related alopecia can affect… Read more »

Microdermabrasion Help Minimize the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

In the past, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face was perceived as a natural part of growing older. This condition of skin aging is often the result of decreased exfoliation. As it continues the decreased rate of skin cell replenishment and collagen production can cause wrinkles to deepen. There are different… Read more »

Beware the Early Signs and Symptoms of Melanoma

Unprotected sun exposure can cause more than just the short term damage of sunburn. Overtime it can cause dark spots to appear on your skin, change the color and size of your existing moles, and it can also increase your chances of suffering skin cancer. The type of skin cancer known as Melanoma can be… Read more »

Laser Hair Removal Can Specifically Target Unwanted Hair Follicles

The skin on the human body can be covered with millions of hair follicles. As you age, hair in certain parts of the body can become more pronounced. This can alter your overall appearance and even affect your self-esteem. In a situation like this, you can turn to the cosmetic services offered at the Dermatology… Read more »

Nail Health Issues Can Be a Sign of Other Medical Issues

While your finger and toenails play an important functional role for your hands and feet, they can also be indicators of other medical issues. While the natural aging process can certainly be a factor, you shouldn’t discount changes in your nails out of hand. Certain alterations such as thickening, thinning, changes in color or striations… Read more »